Sleepy guy missed how his father fucks his girlfriend

Nikki was cleaning her flat that day and dreaming about amazing day and sex with her boyfriend. She was wasting her time waiting when for her boyfriend's father to leave. Unfortunately, her beloved man fell asleep after yesterday's party and his daddy wasn't going anywhere... Cleaning was done and Nikki wanted to have some fun at least. She was making funny selfies with her boyfriend's father and her sleepy boyfriend at background. They made a few photos and then decided to go a little bit further. Soft kisses, touches lead them to wonderful sex close to her sleepy boyfriend, and a very bad daddy was fucking his son's girlfriend passionately. We don't know what that guy was dreaming, but when he woke up his life became a nightmare, as no one would be happy to see his own girlfriend covered with their daddy´s sperm...

  • 04.12.2017
  • 30:34

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