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Pool sex with a buffoon’s father

It all happened on a beautiful summer morning. Jenny asked her boyfriend Tom to get something for breakfast, while she was taking a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. She and Tom decided to enjoy some R&R in his dad’s home while he was away. Jenny had an amazing body and she never shied away from flaunting it, so, immediately after stepping into the terrace, she decided to ditch her panties. While enjoying her skinny-dipping session, Jenny failed to notice that a handsome man appeared behind her back. When his gaze met hers, Jenny got all self-conscious all of sudden. She was naked, after all. The handsome man was Tom’s father. He stripped naked and swam over to Jenny. He kissed her passionately on the lips. She shuffled into a more comfortable position and just gave in to temptation. It was the best sex that she has ever had, but it was somewhat sullied by her goddamn boyfriend who caught the two in the act and stood there slack-jawed and mouth agape, like a complete buffoon.

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