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Rich Daddy Pays, Rich Daddy Plows

Alison is an attractive young lady with a huge problem – she’s in love with this shmuck named Billy. This morning, Billy told her that he can’t pay rent and the only person that can help them is his wealthy father. Nonetheless, Billy is too scared to talk to him, so it’s up to Alison to sort out this issue. The daddy was happy to see his son’s girlfriend, so he invited her in with no hesitation. - Where’s Billy? - He too much of a coward to ask for your help, - said Allie. - Yeah, I always knew he was a spineless worm. In that moment, Alison realized that she was face to face with a REAL man and that got her all hot and bothered. She lunged at him, uncovering his big cock before pleasuring his balls. Allie has never EVER experienced this kind of primal passion. She was lying there exhausted, covered in daddy’s thick spunk… Guess who decided to grow a spine at the worst possible moment?

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